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Wolcott House Investigation March 22

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From the Wolcott House website:



Anson Wolcott



The founder of the Town of Wolcott was born in Lockport, N.Y. in 1819. His early education was acquired in Richmond, N.Y. Later he taught school for a time, then moved to Louisiana and studied law. Returning to New York, he became a successful lawyer, practicing law before both the Supreme Court of the State of New York and the Supreme Court of the United States.



Also a businessman, he became interested in real estate investment. In the 1850's Indiana was a prime target of land speculation. Anson arrived in Indiana in 1858 and held original holdings of about 2,000 acres. In 1861 he plotted the town of Wolcott and arranged for a railroad station by that name. He built a large grain elevater and became active in farm and politics.



During the Civil War he served briefly in the Union Army and was active in the State and Federal government on behalf of Governor Morton. He was elected to the State Senate in 1868 on the Republican ticket. Being interested in the farm and currency problems of the day, he broke with the party in 1876 and ran for governor on the the third party Greenback ticket. Throughout his life he was active in business and political matters both in Indiana and other parts of the country. He was a 32nd degree Mason and a member of the Knights Templars and Scottish Rite.



His second wife, Georgia Sayen de Mosquera Wolcott, was important in the early cultural development of this area.

They had one son, Eben, who also became a prominent man in Indiana business and political matters. Eben had two sons, Ryland and Roger. Roger wolcott, who died in 1958, was also a noted Indiana citizen. Ryland had three daughters Nancy, Jean and Katrina. Eben and his sons were educated at Wabash College, Crawfordsville.



Anson Wolcott died at his home in the town of Wolcott on January 10, 1907. He is buried in Meadow Lake Cemetery.



The "Land Baron" Era in Indiana History



The last part of Indiana to be settled was the northwestern area, primarily because much of it was prairie, wet, swampy, with sand hills, etc. and it was considered not to be a very desirable area.



This changed in the 1850's as a number of land promoters from the east bought up large acreage, had ditches dug to drain the land, then proved to be some of the best farmland in the United States, took advantage of railroads being built westward, and founded many of the towns in the area, often naming them after themselves. Examples would be Wolcott, Fowler, Kentland, Boswell, Brook, Earl Park, and others. As the value of the land increased these "Land Barons", originally holding thousands of acres, gradually sold off their holdings into smaller parcels.



Roads Hotel Investigation February 7th

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From the Roads Hotel website:

In the small town of Atlanta, Indiana located within Hamilton County, there sits this Historic Landmark. Although locals of the town tell us that the Historic Roads Hotel was built prior to 1893, we have been unable to verify that. Every documented piece of material we have found to date indicates that the Hotel was built in 1893. The hotel was built by Abraham Kauffman. Newton Roads purchased the hotel for his wife Clara. Clara ran the hotel along with her son Everett and daughter Hazel. The hotel had 7 boarders, Rev. Lester Poor , Clara Hare , Richard Hughes , Annie Hughes , William Mayer , John Wilson , WC Dezoto , 2 servants Ida Cook & Minnie Summers and Phillip Roads was the porter ( bell hop ). The hotel served as a layover for the railroad that passed through the business district of Atlanta. We know that Hotel was never in Newton?s possession; or rather his name has never appeared on the deed for the property. Rather it was in his wife Clara's name.


In our research we have verified, that Newton Roads was the son of Philip Roads. Philip walked from his home in Lancaster county Pennsylvania, to claim property that the government had granted him for his participation in the Civil War. Philip Roads was known as one of the founding members of Hamilton County. Back then the small town was called Shielville. It was name by the primary founder of the land, Michael Shiel who settled on the Land in 1836. Soon after came a gentleman by the name of Caleb Sparger. Sparger's land was just west of Sheil's land and was called Spargersville. Eventually the two lands merged and became a small town called Buena Vista. It was at this time that other settlers started coming to the land. On a side note it was during the Civil War that the name of the town became Atlanta. From my understanding it was indeed named after Atlanta Georgia due to the fact that several of the local young men were killed during the battle of Atlanta in the Civil War. Among these first settlers was of course Philip Road's. Philip was a wagon maker, and once his land was claimed, he returned to gather his family and bring them to their new home. Philip was married to a woman by the name of Susanna. We do not know much about her, but apparently she died traveling with her family from Pennsylvania to Indiana. It is said that she was buried in the Wagon trails so that Native Americans would not desecrate her body. Eventually Philip and his children made it to their new home. He re-married to a woman by the name of Catherine Robinson whose family had also re-located to the small area. One of their ten children was Newton A. Roads.


Newton was a good man. He was a Mason, Odd Fellow, and a Maccabee. Not only was he kind but he sought the betterment of his fellow man and community. It was he that made the contacts and secured the Atlanta Library. It still stands to this day as a monument to what he achieved in life. From what I understand the Atlanta Library is one of the few remaining Carnegie Libraries that, other than maintenance, remains almost identical to the day it was built. Newton married Clara Sanders, and they had 2 children a boy by the name of John Everett, and a girl by the name of Hazel Dell.


This is the basic picture of the history, however tragedy became well known at the Hotel. John Everett's Obituary tells us that when he was four years old he came down with whooping cough, which left him asthmatic. This goes along with local stories telling us that he was always sickly and a little frail. When he was 19 years of age he was diagnosed with Tuberculosis. It was thought at the time that proper treatment meant plenty of rest, and isolation. So they confined him to an area of the hotel. They did what they believed was right to keep his condition from getting worse. Unfortunately, on April 15th 1909 John Everett lost his battle with tuberculosis. He died where they tried to keep him safe. As customary of the time his funeral was held in the hotel.


We have also verified that Newton, Clara, and Catherine (Newton's stepmother) all passed in the hotel from age and ailment. This was a good family who was prominently loved through the community. In Jan 1968 Hazel passed away at a nursing home of some illness she has been suffering with for a few months . The Hotel closed for business in 1927 . The estate auction was on June 8th 1965, and on June 15th 1965, the hotel was auctioned off and purchased by Dean Shaffer.


When it was built, it was "The Hotel" in Atlanta, Indiana. Time progressed and in the early 1900's natural gas wells were discovered. The industrious Walton family, help engineer the town's "Gas Boom". This immediately made Atlanta the place to be for employment. Rumors and legend tell us that with six taverns in town the hotel became a natural place to establish a bordello. Census shows us that this town went from a mere 80 people to over 1200 people during this time. The locals of the town describe a view of the hotel we are still researching. Apparently the hotel eventually became a speakeasy/Brothel, hosting guest like Al Capone and John Dillinger. Although these allegations have not been proven it does make sense, as these were the days of Prohibition in America. During this time alcohol was illegal to buy or sell. We are told by locals that there was a burial casket in the bay window of the Hotel. This again would coincide with the speakeasy atmosphere. Since alcohol was illegal, they would give the impression of a funeral, but in reality the casket was filled with bootleg alcohol. We have not yet verified all of this information. However, we can tell you that we know several guest have come through these doors over the past 120 years. Eventually, with the changing moral atmosphere, the Historic Roads Hotel was abandoned as a brothel and for a time was a personal residence, and with exception of a short period when it had become a bed and breakfast, it has remained that way. Although it has passed through the generations and begun to show signs of its age, it has good bones and the underlying beauty is just waiting to be re-borne.


Recently the Hotel was purchased by an Indianapolis paranormal investigation group called Sixth Sense Indy Paranormal. In the short time the Group has owned the hotel they have already experienced several paranormal events. They claim that the Hotel is "Very Haunted" Most investigators walk away with EVPs, and video of shadows. More common, are the reports of hearing conversations from people in the upper story, when no one is there. Doors have been known to open and close and even slam when there were no people around them. Reports of footsteps and shadows and even glimpses of men, women, and children have been reported. The lights are being turned on and off, even when the hotel is unoccupied. If you have not yet visited this location or even if you have, then you need to schedule your time to come investigate.


Investigation at the Tippecanoe Battlefield,November 2, 2013

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Here is the place where the tension between the white man and the native American reacheda boiling point.  The Prophet, in his brother Tecumseh's absence, unwisely directedhis soldiers to attack.  Many were killed, the white man prevailed, and the nearby native village was burned to the ground.  This place is also a known residual haunting of the indian death march that came right through the area as natives were being displaced to Kansas.  Will you join us for this investigation?

This Saturday night we investigate the Pierce Cemetery!

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I've investigated this place before but had no experiences.  Of course, all I had then was a flashlight, lets test out our equipment and see what we can find!  It should be a great training experience for us!  Can you come?

Bucket List

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Here is a list of places our team woud like to visit:

--The Wolcott House (Wolcott IN)

--The Roads Hotel (Atlanta IN)

--The Guyer Opera House (Lewiston IN)

--The Lincoln Theater (Decatur IL)

--Waverly Hills Sanitorium (Louisville KY)

--Poastown Elementary School (Ohio)

What places would you like to add?

Willows Weep Investigation, September 13, 2013

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Willows weep is a privately owned residence in Eugene Indiana owned by Danville Paranormal’s Brenda Zimmerman. Brenda charges a fee to investigate.

The house has a unique design with all the windows and doors in the corners. Allegedly, the builder of the house was a superstitious man and very reclusive. He lived most of his life in one room of the house and also died there.

The Skinner family eventually moved into the house. Cheryl Skinner was a drug addict and overdosed in the house where she died. ThenMichelle Edmiston moved in  from 2006 to 2008 to live with Mr. Skinner. While living in the house she became very depressed and also attempted suicide. She survived and moved out. Her current whereabouts are unknown. Later Curtis Skinner committed suicide in the house by shooting himself. The bloodied chair where Mr. Skinner died still remains in the house.

When the Zimmermans bought the house they renovated it and during the project discovered a book in the floor about spiritual life. The book had a pentagram on the cover. No one knows who used it, but it suggests an interest in the occult was held by one of the previous owners.

One team of investigators discovered a young female spirit named Courtney who claims that she was sodomized in the house.

There is also an alleged demon in the home. Previous investigators have captured guttural growls, and people have been choked, scratched an attacked physically in the home according to their claims.

Other activity includes objects moving on their own and feelings of deep depression and sickness in the home.


Jason arrived before the rest of the team and walked thrrough the house with Brenda Zimmerman, the currrent owner.  Brenda always knocks on the door before entering out of respect for the unseeen residents of the home.  The house has an ominous feel to it and one is immediately striken with depresssed feelings upon entry.

Brenda mentioned that the builder of the house was a man named Anual Sydes a postmaster by trade.  The main room in the house is shaped like a pentagram, and the house as a whole like an upside down cross.  She also shared that the bloodied chair in the room betweeen the kitchen and living room is the actual chair where one resident shot himself. 

She shared that there is a demonic spirit in the front room that presents itself as a little girl.  There is a book that was found in the house entitled "Do Spirits Exist?" that was witten by someone in the Cayuga Church of Christ.  Beond this, Jason did not want to ask too many questions to keep the investigation as pure as possible.


The team captured many EVPs from this location/  Check the video section of this website for the Willlows Weep video to review the best of the results.

A few highlights include:

--When asking Cheryl if her children are still alive, a female voice responds, "Yeah, I see them."

--When stating that the book on spiits came from a church, a voice adds, "Cauga Christ."

--When asking if the spirits enjoy scaring people, there is an eerie answer "Yessssss!"

--When a black mass was seen coming out of the front room, the spirits warned "Black mass...Sally!" and several voices erupted at the same tme "Sally!"  Could this be the demon manifesting as a girl?

--When asked who built the house,a voice responds "Anual"

--While reading letters to Cheryl out loud from her grandmother, a female voice urges several times "stop!" "stop!" "Stop reading!"

--When asked what do you need, a voice replies "need...peace"  And again when asked what do you want, a voice replied "see...heaven!"

--When having trouble with the camera, a voice states "f***ing moron!"

--After one of the team members sees a shadow figure another team membeer askes him if it was human.  A voice says, "Yes."

--Twice when the team asks the male what his name is, he responds "Curtis."

--When the team was wrapping up for the night and shutting off equipment, EVPs are captured saying "Go!" "Go!" and "Just go!"

--Many many more EVPs were captured.  Please see the video for more.


Willows Weep is an intelligent haunting where the voices respond audibly to questions. 

This could be a hoax.  The clarity and detail of responses here are beyond normal responses usually captured.  Would like to follow up and investigate the house for electronics that could be used to transmit communication from a nearby location.  The owners of the house live right next door and could be involved somehow.  Not making accusations, but would like to verify it.

We identified two entities Curtis and Cheryl.  Would like to follow up to see what other personalities there are.  The name Sally was spoken many times and assumed to be the little girl/demon.  Would lie to learn more on this.


Indiana Beach Investigation August 10, 2013

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Indiana Beach Investigation August 10, 2013

Background. Indiana Beach is reportedly haunted in four locations: the Ball Room (ghosts of the Spackman couple dancing), the Hotel (former residents), the Cabin (the ghost of Harold Qualkenbush, a former maintenance man), and the Farmhouse. This investigation was with the Lost Limbs Foundation and celebrities Steve Gonzalves, Phil Summers, and Cassidy Rae.

Synopsis: I didn’t have any personal experiences but our team did experience some interesting hits on the K2 meter as well as several potential EVPs. We also had several instances where a flashlight turned on automatically in room 2 of the hotel.

Due to the size of our group, investigation was limited and we did not get to the Farmhouse. Our team was able to visit the ballroom first and we got some K2 meter hits upstairs. I did not acquire any real evidence from this room. The K2 responses to questions seemed to suggest this was a young female entity. Most interesting was the K2 meter hit when we asked if she wanted us to leave to which we obliged.

We went to the cabin but really had no significant experiences there.

Our team spent most of the time in the hotel. Celebrity medium Cassidy Rae picked up on two spirits in the hotel a little girl named Karen Grace and a Spanish Man who was quite worried about our presence.


--Hotel room 2 at 8.23 EVP “Play with us”

--Hotel room 2 at 11.18 question was asked “Do you want to jump on the bed?” EVP answer “No.”

--Hotel room 2 at 12.37 question was asked “Want to sit on the bed with your Buddy?” EVP answer “No.”

--Hotel room 2 at 15.55 Team asks if the Ghost can turn the flashlight on, the flashlight turned on

--Hotel room 2 at 16.21 K2 Meter hit

--Hotel room 2 at 17.10 flashlight turned on again

--Hotel room 2 at 37.19 Team asks if the Ghost can turn the flashlight on, the flashlight turned on again

--Hotel room 2 at 44.10 Question “Do you feel like playing now?” inaudible EVP response

--Hotel room 2 at 52.50 Question about the alleged Spanish Man “Does he take care of you?” inaudible EVP response